mY LöVLi Babynest is made to keep your newborn, coming from mummy's safe womb out to the big world, safe, comfortable and cozy.  

The way you can tuck it in using the strap, makes it adjustable for different sizes and need for closeness. You can use it in the baby basket/ bed, in the stroller, in the sofa, on the floor or in the parents bed. Using Silje's Babynest you don't need to tuck blankets around the baby to create a safer feeling, it's already done and the baby can sleep safely with no loose items in the bed. If you are traveling with your small one, you can bring the Babynest to make your baby feel safe and at home in new surroundings. It is light and easy to bring anytime. 
Please note that it does not replace a mattress, and you should always use it the correct way because of the cords in the foot of the Babynest. As the product is made for small babies up to 3-6 months the cord should not be a problem, but  it can be removed from the Babynest if the baby still likes to sleep in it when growing up to be more active.

It is made by a three layer foam in the laying surface and the edges are filled to be soft as pillows by polyester fibers. It can be washed on 40 degrees in the washing machine. Do not bleach, tumble, iron or dry clean. It is not water repellent, flame resistant or antibacterial. 
Please note that a color can appear differently from one screen to another. Shipping in Switzerland: 7 CHF. I ship worldwide, please e-mail for quote.