119 CHF

number 1

Clouds and rain drops. Plum and pink tones with a bit of mustard yellow

number 4

Wine red clouds and big rein drops in blue, grey, white, mustard and wine.

number 2

Warm pink and gray.

Small dots and cute rabbits.

number 5

Baby pink with rain drops and clouds. Pink, purple, white and mustard.

number 3

Funny animals in retro colors,

white and grey. 

number 6

Blue and white triangles. Forest and clouds; blue, grey and mustard.

number 7

Big rain drops in mustard, wine, blue and grey with a mustard cloudy side.

number 10

White with grey stars. Animals from here and there, earth colours.

number 8

The faritail forest with animals and pendants mixed with a green with white lines


To see more of the bears that matches the Babynests, take a look!

number 9

Mustard with clouds and baby pink with small rain drops in wine red, mustard and white


Take a look at the cozy two layer blankets.

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